GOOD RATS: a jovial gang of friends/comrades united under a strong desire to defend, honor, and protect each other’s rights to good times, good stories, good company and good experiences.

Owned and operated by Mr Phil, a 3rd generation barber and hair stylist Good Rats Hair Workshop is a modern single chair shop influenced by contemporary hair cutting, hair care, and hair styling methods. The feel of the Workshop is part studio, part custom shop, and all around collaborative.

Offering hair cutting, hair health and hair styling services for all people from all walks of life…Good Rats Hair Workshop stands as a safe haven for those seeking grooming services performed with dignity. Our culture is all inclusive.

We stand united against: racism, homophobia, transphobia, religious oppression. Good Rats Barbershop welcomes YOUR individual color/creed/orientation/gender without question.


374 New Haven Ave

Milford CT 06460