Back For Good

Ahoy all you Good Rats out there! What’s new here in the workshop ? SO.MUCH.

I’ve been working hard these past few days on bringing in a brand new point of sale setup….I opted to go with the full Square experience running on an iPad with card/chip/tap to pay options.
As of later this week, you can pay by chip, Android Pay, Apple Pay in addition to swipes, cash, and checks.
Some of you have already received messages from the new online database….that’s right, reminder and confirmation texts/emails are being sent in regards to your hair magic sessions…so you’ll never miss a session!
Now, onto specials….
I’m so inspired right now having come off a most successful balayage class in Massachusetts this week. I taught some of my tips and tricks on balayage to 12 eager students.
And YOU should benefit from the class, as I offer a new price special for a single color balayage service.
See the flyer below to book your new look!
Next week, I’ll give you some more details on future events that I’m looking to launch
Be well all….
This is Mr Phil signing off

The Number Thirteen

I don’t rest.

I don’t quit.

I DO create.

I DO succeed.


I DO willingly.

13 consecutive days of doing hair in the workshop came to a close with striking results.

I issued myself a challenge this month to book 10 consecutive days to beat my previous record of 9.

As a salon owner, I choose my business hours less than many may assume. As a salon owner, I have the choice to open the shop when YOU want to come in.

You see, I enjoy being accessible. I enjoy being on demand….so I can make your hair goals come true.

I don’t ever mind the long days, or the shop-days that turn into nights….as long as I am creating new hair magic with you, I am at peace.

How do I feel now that I accomplished this new goal?

I’ve learned:

  1. Long days in the shop never tire me out
  2. Creating new hair magic with you always inspires me for more
  3. Spending time trading stories makes me more and more hungry for the next sessions
  4. My floors are becoming decorated in the most colorful ways
  5. 6am comes quickly…especially when we start hair coloring at 6pm!
  6. Barbering is something you all value and honor
  7. 13 days really didn’t feel hectic at all
  8. I want to aim for 15 in a row

So, I keep inviting you all to book your magic making sessions with me, I’ll never tire of seeing your faces!


This is Mr Phil signing off,

Never Too Busy

I recently got back into writing. And not the usual plans or proposals for running a business…but lyrics, songs, and other creative literary outlets.

And with that, comes my return to blog writing.

Today….I finally put down thoughts on how we’re never too busy to communicate.

In the world we live in now….no one is ever away from their phones or devices for long. Yet….texts go unaswered while people are seen posting things to Facebook, messages are seen as read with no reply, while photos appear on Instagram….all the while we wonder “are we being ignored?”..”are they ghosting me?”…”what did I say wrong?”…We pull away if we feel ignored or as if we are being rejected….only then to have the un-answering party reappear days later and say “Sorry, I didn’t reply…been too busy”.

Whether we are talking about business meetings, social engagements, appointment bookings, or online dating conversations….we are never too busy.

I often hear conversations unfold as follows:

“I really am mad I didn’t get the job/call back/meeting/date/appointment/interview”

“Did you call/email/text to take the next step?”

“no……..I was too busy”

It goes on and on…people blaming others for the shortcomings in their own lives….saying that the other party wasn’t interested, or wasn’t prompt enough.

The fact of the matter is this….if we choose not to reply in a timely fashion, no one else can be blamed for moving on while we’re “too busy”. We are not too busy…we are too lax..we are too self absorbed to give time back to those who contact us…yet we complain when things ‘fall through’.

We live in a time when phones are always on chargers, when texts are always able to be scheduled for future delivery, when Facebook messenger tells us who by and when messages were read….we no longer have to worry about $.10 text messages, or data blackouts, or weak phone reception….we are CONSTANTLY connected. ┬áSo it is hard for us to ever forego replying. We simply choose not to reply. We choose to falsely give off the impression of “being too busy to reply” .

I just now received a text and decided to see how long it takes to unlock my phone, open the message, type, and reply….the results: 6.14 seconds.

It takes no time at all to keep in touch and keep progress moving forward.

Read, Reply, Repeat……and let’s stop this communication warfare…let’s reconnect.



Style And Accessibility

Ahoy all you good rats out there…a long period of time has passed since my last entry here. And the good news is, the long period of time will end with today’s post.

I got thinking about the nature of my site lately…and no matter what I do, I can never separate the many things that make me who I am.

I cannot separate hair stylist from photographer from artist……I am a creator.

Plain and simple…or so it seems.

Today I was thinking about the two dominant traits that make a public creator successful

  1. Style
  2. Accessibility

Style is defined as: “ the manner in which something is expressed or performed, considered as separate from its intrinsic content” (

Accessibility is defined as: “easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use.” (

It is easy for me to create within my vision for any given project….and not know what ‘style’ I am using. Whether hair, photo, or video…I craft with technical training and artistic abandon. Yet, as a public creator…someone who’s work is readily consumed by the public, I must be precise and mesh my vision in with the requests/hopes of the person I am creating with/for.

The example I’d like to give is as follows….a haircut must be performed to your liking but done with my interpretation of your ideas/themes/wishes/lifestyle choices. I cannot blindly cut and hope for the best……yet, I must be creative as you ask me to put my creative spin to your new style.

I must trust my technical training enough to supply you with a seamless process of planning to final product.

Having said that, I must take your requests for service and translate them into a plan that is complete, precise, and easy for you to follow.

Accessibility means that my service, my art, and my interpretation of your vision must be done free of confusion and jumble.

Often, I find too many creators use buzz words, jargon, and industry related words that have no relevance to the general public…thus, accessibility decreases. For instance, a new photo model may have 0 understanding of terms related to camera settings, camera focus controls and depth of field changes….so why bring up such terms in a modeling meeting?

Leave the technical to the technician.

After all, would someone hire me if they do not understand the way I present a possible service? No matter how good the end product?

When you come to me for service…hair or photo….I won’t bore you or confuse you with techy talk that only confuses and discourages you. It is my duty to convey your vision by way of the final product….but with ease and clarity that keeps you engaged in the process and excited for the final results.


This is Mr Phil signing off,

Find Your Place


So after countless attempts to record an update video tonight…I just couldn’t get my words together.

With all that behind, tonight’s entry is pretty simple.

I have been enjoying a steady stream of awesome hair related projects. I have been pushing myself to create, learn, and grow.

There has been a burning desire within me to reach a new level in my career…further my product knowledge since today’s modern salon experience is rooted in skill both behind the chair and within the product know-how game.

The past few weeks have been full of testing and trying new products…but I am proud to report that I have found some really amazing solutions for hair care and color.

It is no secret that I have always been fond of TIGI branded products….but seeing how well the Bed Head line of care products works with my guests, I have been super excited to offer it as both service and retail options. The Re-Energize shampoo and conditioner is remarkable in how easily they cleanse and revitalize hair. Doing so without harsh additives.

The foundation set by hair health boosting shampoo/conditioner is a key component of my work. As many of you know, I prefer the simplest but safest route to treating your hair.

Color is ever so popular these days. And I have certainly heard the stories of hair color services gone wrong. I will say this….hair color reacts differently with everyone’s hair. It can be unpredictable and often mysterious in nature. But….there are factors that must always remain constant.

Coloring products that nourish and condition the hair are worth a few extra dollars on your ticket. Lightening hair is often an unavoidable scenario….but can be done safely without inducing bleach-burnt hair. So product choice within color services is critical.

And that is why I have chosen to switch my color products to a full line of Joico branded offerings. From color to lightener to developer…Joico has never failed me and has reliably created vibrant colors with deep shine….while maintaining your hair’s health.

I love the richness and depth of Joico colors….both fashion and natural tones. Their revitalizing and rebuilding treatments truly improve the hair’s strength following a color or lightening service.

The choices I’ve been making within my product selection have truly been exciting. And now, I can further grant your hair health a boost with every session you book with me.


This is Mr Phil signing off.



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Accept the challenge


Long term clients

Ahoy all you good rats out there.

As I check my gear and new salon bag for duty, I got thinking about the long term nature of my job.

Haircuts can be great. And there is immense importance on cutting hair the way you want me to. Yet the real hair magic resides within my ability to deliver results on a continued basis.

So much of the job of stylists focuses on cuts, colors, and making quick rebooks for call back clients.

All those things are hugely important parts of my daily work. Yet I also want to think of the long term goals built between you and me.

I’ve always said that the best cut won’t look as striking as it can if the hair health cannot support it. The boldest color will run and fade if the hair health is not there to keep the color fresh.

So I spend much of my time researching ways to improve your hair hair health within each session you book with me.

You see, simply doing the bare minimum is just not ok with me. If there is chance to help you find improved hair health at the sacrifice of 20 extra minutes during your session…..I’m going to take those minutes to make sure I take care of you.

Scalp treatments, deep conditioning, regular trims, and other services in offer are for you to enjoy and to rely upon. My product choice is for your health not for me to upsell.

I love accepting challenges for good causes. Rebuilding and maintaining your hair health matters to me. It inspires me. No matter the time needed to make it happen.

I read an interesting point of view the other day as part of a positive review of my business.

We spend so much money on fancy products at the drugstores or super stores for our hair that merely destroy hair health instead of spending less money and visiting me for a treatment service guaranteed to last. I found that to be very telling.

So in closing…give yourself a chance to come down for a hair health session with me. In the long run, we’ll give you new hair.
Repair. Restore.

This is mr phil signing off

The closest goal


Bianca editorial hair stylist phil Hovey

Ahoy all you good rats out there.
Many that know me well, know that I don’t sleep very well.

Writing has always been a great way for me to settle down.

I am about to embark on a very exciting week. There are some really amazing things about to happen behind the chair and behind the camera.

So with that I wanted to write a little bit about something that Bianca and I are working on.

It is nov secret that I am obsessed with editorial beauty photography and styling.

The above image is a product of many years of hard work for me. It is also the start of a huge new chapter in my career.

I’ll explain.

When Bianca and I sat down together last week to shoot, we had no idea what we were about to stumble upon. Without giving away too much for my plan…I’ll say this.

In the coming weeks I’ll be launching a new special  styling package for the ladies. It’ll be titled Editorials & Events.

Based on the shoot from which this image came….. Editorials & Events will be a super versatile and affordable way for you to not only have me custom style a new look for you. ..but to do it while building up your hair health.

So it is really exciting for me to get to sleep tonight only to wake up and begin this huge week full of some huge opportunities and experiences.

The full update will be unveiled later in the week. Till then, I’ll close with this thought :

11 years ago I entered the beauty industry as a hobbiest photographer. I am now proud to have a team of dedicated creators by my side. And we are days away from rolling out a program that rivals many large scale teams in this industry.

So until then keep checking here for sneak peeks of what me and the crew will be up to!

This is mr phil signing off

Sit with me


Jules red ombre

Ahoy all you good rats out there. Tonight I’m writing a most exciting entry.

As many of you know I’ve been working hard at the salon taking on some really exciting projects. Sure they’re technical and require focus and quick thinking. But there’s another side to working the chair. The most important side.

Taking care of our guests.

I know I talk a lot about the role of service and how important it is to me. Yet without it, my job as your stylist is pretty empty.

Many of my guests are close friends of mine and visiting me for a session in the shop is an extension of what we do together.

Yet, so many of the people I serve come in as total strangers. And I have a limited time to become someone familiar and trusted to them. Isn’t that a bit unsettling when you think about it?

One of the biggest critiques of salons and stylists I hear is that the impersonal and cold treatment really spoiled the experience for many.

My good friend Paul always affirms that a solid product is based in the even richer and greater experience surrounding the product…no matter what the product may be.

And you know what? He’s right. There’s no replacing a bad experience. And there is no reason for me to ever give anything but the most attentive and authentic experience I can.

With that being said, I want to tell a story about the red ombre you see above.

Jules came to me for her hair color by referral from one of my most treasured people ever, Cassie. Jules drove for many miles for me specifically to color her hair.

When meeting her for the first time, I had to not only provide the final results of vibrant color and professional hair health….but I had to provide the most critical piece of making sure Jules felt at ease and excited about her visit. Since fashion color work ranges between. 3-6 hours in the salon. That’s a long time to spend with a brand new person, especially one performing intricate levels of hair chemistry on one’s scalp.

Like a good coach,  the stylist must know which stories to tell and which questions to ask to help build rapport and trust… written in such sterile language in every cosmetology textbook.

To me….it goes beyond that. Sitting down with me for your session means sitting down with the best version of myself that I can offer. Hair Forever is my house and when you visit me, I want you to feel at home. I want you to see your place in the tradition and history of Hair Forever.

The process of getting to know each guest is one of my favorite parts of what I do. 

The role of stylist truly is hanging out with your friends and creating meaningful and beautiful art together.

So I will close with this thought:

I take my time and craft your hair magic because I care more about the person than I do the procedure. I never rush because while you’re on my time, I aim to give you all of my time.

You sit with me and we create together. I was never the fastest stylist but I’d like to think I’m the one you can relax with.

I love what I do and I love each and every chance I get to connect with you.

This is mr phil signing off

See In Color


Color Banner

Greetings to all you good rats out there.

Tonight. We talk color.

As long as I can recall, hair color as an art has fascinated me. I never knew the science that sent into it nor did I fully understand its complexities until hair school.

The irony is that I’ve worn fashion color in my hair on and off since some time around 1995.

Yes it is a complicated process to color hair. Chemistry, math, color theory and thermal reactionary knowledge all are used simultaneously in the time your hair is being colored.

It is a field so rich in skill and precision that smell stylists only work with color as their full time job…

So many people experience the initial ease of store bought box dye. And only for them to later deal with the long term hair health risks of store bought box dye.

Many of my color service appointments are complicated by box dye’s aggressive and chemically abrasive nature. Box dye chemicals work in similar fashion to the road priming liquid sprayed down on highways prior to snow storms. Metallic salts penetrate deep into your hair and deposit all sorts of long lasting chemicals.

I am open with my pricing and services on my menu.

Box dye can make a $65 color service turn into a $200 service because of all the steps needed to take to:

1. Remove the box color as best I can
2. Treat the hair to maintain strength and integrity
3. Correct as much of the remaining color as best as I can
4. Match the color shades to your desired level
5. Deposit and tone your final new color.
6. Condition the hair and rebuild protein bonds

The work to correct box color is mighty.

So next time the big companies on TV show you their newest campaign for whatever over the top color scheme they are offering. …remember that box color may do things to your hair that may never be fully reversed.

I myself love performing color services. I’d do it every day without ever getting bored. The artistry and precision of it all is simply envigorating to me.

The blend of science and art is truly unique.
From simple streaks to full coverage I love bringing the color to your hair.

This is mr phil signing off, 

Service Over All

Hello all you good rats out there,

I cut, color, and treat hair.

That is the shortest explanation of what I do for a career.

Yet, there is much much more involved when I take a guest at my chair.

I greet you and make sure you are welcomed and comfortable.

I seat you and ask how your day is going…out of genuine interest.

I ask you “what are we going to do today?”….giving you the chance to lead.

I drape you in a fashionably rugged black plastic cape…and begin the process of seeing that you’re relaxed and allowed to unplug.

You see…I was gifted with the love of service. I don’t do hair because I have to, I do it because it is one of the deepest ways I know how to help people.

My love for hair work extends long past the technical applications of shear and color to your hair.

I give you permission to be yourself and to discover yourself by way of your hair adventure with me.

The technical knowledge and skills are simply vehicles for you to find your way to a better version of yourself.

Many people come to me asking for my trusted opinions because unfortunately…..too many other stylists have let them down. Now, I cannot promise that I will never fail you….but I CAN promise that I will do everything within my power to grant you the integrity and respect you deserve in pursuit of completing your service.

Life is complicated…yet, when you sit for me…I aim to bring some solace to your complex life.

In short….a session with me is not rooted in dollars, countless guests, or record beating service times…no….it is rooted in creating a place in time for you to feel good about who you are…or who you want to be.

I offer you my skills and my hands….in return, I ask you to take a moment from your complex life and allow me to serve.


This is Mr Phil signing off,