Here I Am

It is July 22, 2019.

I am beginning a new chapter of my life, one that begins again with an idea…and an idea to document that idea. The idea, is to use this site as means to share glimpses with you of my life. The blog here will features updates on the barbershop, my music, my photography, and my journey as a business owner/artist.

So here we are.

I have been witness to many changes in my life since the last blog update. Yet, it seemed fitting to simply allow the changes to happen without concern of writing here in the blog.

Some 2 years later…I finally have words for you all to read.

The barber shop is alive and well. It is located back in the very plaza where I spent countless hours as a customer getting my hair cut, as an inquiring hair student, and as a first year licensed barber.

Without a doubt, the moves and relocations over the years prepared me for this phase in my career.

In April of this year…I took possession of the very storefront I have wanted for 3 years. It is home. It is our community’s center. It is the complete place for us all to gather.

This iteration of Good Rats Barbershop is the final piece to the puzzle. As many people have discovered already, the Rat House is better than ever.

Inside the walls of 374 New Haven Ave sits a shop that I am proud to own. Full of barbering life, this shop mixes old world traditions with modern day supplies and methods. The appeal is not for everyone…but for those it appeals to the shop is home. I am honored to see so many Good Rats cross the threshold from the outside world into our world.

Haircuts and community shaping now booking.

This is Mr Phil signing off,

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