The Number Thirteen

I don’t rest.

I don’t quit.

I DO create.

I DO succeed.


I DO willingly.

13 consecutive days of doing hair in the workshop came to a close with striking results.

I issued myself a challenge this month to book 10 consecutive days to beat my previous record of 9.

As a salon owner, I choose my business hours less than many may assume. As a salon owner, I have the choice to open the shop when YOU want to come in.

You see, I enjoy being accessible. I enjoy being on demand….so I can make your hair goals come true.

I don’t ever mind the long days, or the shop-days that turn into nights….as long as I am creating new hair magic with you, I am at peace.

How do I feel now that I accomplished this new goal?

I’ve learned:

  1. Long days in the shop never tire me out
  2. Creating new hair magic with you always inspires me for more
  3. Spending time trading stories makes me more and more hungry for the next sessions
  4. My floors are becoming decorated in the most colorful ways
  5. 6am comes quickly…especially when we start hair coloring at 6pm!
  6. Barbering is something you all value and honor
  7. 13 days really didn’t feel hectic at all
  8. I want to aim for 15 in a row

So, I keep inviting you all to book your magic making sessions with me, I’ll never tire of seeing your faces!


This is Mr Phil signing off,

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