Never Too Busy

I recently got back into writing. And not the usual plans or proposals for running a business…but lyrics, songs, and other creative literary outlets.

And with that, comes my return to blog writing.

Today….I finally put down thoughts on how we’re never too busy to communicate.

In the world we live in now….no one is ever away from their phones or devices for long. Yet….texts go unaswered while people are seen posting things to Facebook, messages are seen as read with no reply, while photos appear on Instagram….all the while we wonder “are we being ignored?”..”are they ghosting me?”…”what did I say wrong?”…We pull away if we feel ignored or as if we are being rejected….only then to have the un-answering party reappear days later and say “Sorry, I didn’t reply…been too busy”.

Whether we are talking about business meetings, social engagements, appointment bookings, or online dating conversations….we are never too busy.

I often hear conversations unfold as follows:

“I really am mad I didn’t get the job/call back/meeting/date/appointment/interview”

“Did you call/email/text to take the next step?”

“no……..I was too busy”

It goes on and on…people blaming others for the shortcomings in their own lives….saying that the other party wasn’t interested, or wasn’t prompt enough.

The fact of the matter is this….if we choose not to reply in a timely fashion, no one else can be blamed for moving on while we’re “too busy”. We are not too busy…we are too lax..we are too self absorbed to give time back to those who contact us…yet we complain when things ‘fall through’.

We live in a time when phones are always on chargers, when texts are always able to be scheduled for future delivery, when Facebook messenger tells us who by and when messages were read….we no longer have to worry about $.10 text messages, or data blackouts, or weak phone reception….we are CONSTANTLY connected. ┬áSo it is hard for us to ever forego replying. We simply choose not to reply. We choose to falsely give off the impression of “being too busy to reply” .

I just now received a text and decided to see how long it takes to unlock my phone, open the message, type, and reply….the results: 6.14 seconds.

It takes no time at all to keep in touch and keep progress moving forward.

Read, Reply, Repeat……and let’s stop this communication warfare…let’s reconnect.



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