Style And Accessibility

Ahoy all you good rats out there…a long period of time has passed since my last entry here. And the good news is, the long period of time will end with today’s post.

I got thinking about the nature of my site lately…and no matter what I do, I can never separate the many things that make me who I am.

I cannot separate hair stylist from photographer from artist……I am a creator.

Plain and simple…or so it seems.

Today I was thinking about the two dominant traits that make a public creator successful

  1. Style
  2. Accessibility

Style is defined as: “ the manner in which something is expressed or performed, considered as separate from its intrinsic content” (

Accessibility is defined as: “easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use.” (

It is easy for me to create within my vision for any given project….and not know what ‘style’ I am using. Whether hair, photo, or video…I craft with technical training and artistic abandon. Yet, as a public creator…someone who’s work is readily consumed by the public, I must be precise and mesh my vision in with the requests/hopes of the person I am creating with/for.

The example I’d like to give is as follows….a haircut must be performed to your liking but done with my interpretation of your ideas/themes/wishes/lifestyle choices. I cannot blindly cut and hope for the best……yet, I must be creative as you ask me to put my creative spin to your new style.

I must trust my technical training enough to supply you with a seamless process of planning to final product.

Having said that, I must take your requests for service and translate them into a plan that is complete, precise, and easy for you to follow.

Accessibility means that my service, my art, and my interpretation of your vision must be done free of confusion and jumble.

Often, I find too many creators use buzz words, jargon, and industry related words that have no relevance to the general public…thus, accessibility decreases. For instance, a new photo model may have 0 understanding of terms related to camera settings, camera focus controls and depth of field changes….so why bring up such terms in a modeling meeting?

Leave the technical to the technician.

After all, would someone hire me if they do not understand the way I present a possible service? No matter how good the end product?

When you come to me for service…hair or photo….I won’t bore you or confuse you with techy talk that only confuses and discourages you. It is my duty to convey your vision by way of the final product….but with ease and clarity that keeps you engaged in the process and excited for the final results.


This is Mr Phil signing off,

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